Social media marketing

Social media makes it easier for patients and healthcare professionals to get in touch with eachother or with organizations

In this online era social media is the way to get in touch with your target audience. Medical Digitals specializes in managing lively communities and sharing relevant content that promotes interaction. For the benefit of the medical-, healthcare- and pharmaceutical industry we have a lot of experience with relevant regulations, how to make different medical target groups get in touch with eachother and with brands and organizations.

Content creation for social media

On the basis of target group analysis, defined goals and the identity of the organization, we develop a fitting content strategy. Here we formulate (among others) the content themes for social media. When these are defined we start with writing social posts. These we gather in a content calendar. This is an Excel-file that displays the posts in a clear manner and contains both textual and visual content. This calendar we first submit to our clients. The social posts are always in line with the tone-of-voice and visual identity of the organization.

Community management

The community managers of Medical Digitals are highly experienced in conversing with medical target groups. They post messages and reply to comments and questions from patients and healthcare professionals. This way the community stays active and involved with the organization, brand or product.

Social media advertising

It is also possible to place ads on social media. A big advantage of this is that these posts have a large reach and the target group can be targeted in a very direct manner. It is for example possible to target healthcare professionals on LinkedIn and have them click through to your specific LinkedIn page. The possibilities of social media advertising are, especially in the medical industry, endless.

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