Search engine marketing

High online visibility of your website

Search engine marketing is the service that provides for the indexing of webpages in search engines. This service can be divided into two categories. Search Engine Optimization (SEO); pertains to the organic presence within search engines, and Search Engine Advertising (SEA); paid ads that appear above and below organic search engine results.

Keyword analysis

There are different factors that influence search results in search engines. To gain insight into common search terms, we always start with doing keyword research. This gives us the information to map what the target group is looking for, with what frequency and the size of the competition. Subsequently we determine focus keywords and lay the foundation of the search engine marketing strategy.


There are many factors involved in achieving high organic positions for keywords within search engines. Here on- and offsite optimization is very important. Onsite optimization is, for example, adding new content to your website on a regular basis, using relevant page titles and choosing the right search terms for the website texts. What also plays a role are technical aspects like speed, security and scalability. Offsite optimization is receiving relevant links from other websites that link to yours (linkbuilding). This is a continuing process, where we get in touch on a regular basis with external websites. To achieve success, our SEO-specialists develop comprehensive linkbuilding strategies.


SEA is paid advertising in search engines, and offers direct visibility for relevant search terms that you select on the basis of keyword research. As a Google certified online marketing agency, our Adwords-specialists are very skilled in devising effective Google AdWords-campaigns. In the medical-, healthcare- and pharmaceutical industry we have many SEA-accounts of clients that we manage successfully on a daily basis. The ads of our clients are tracked and optimized continually to get the most out of the available budget.

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