Online strategy

Online research is the foundation of an effective online strategy

Extensive online research is the foundation of a well-thought-out online strategy. For medical-, healthcare- and pharmaceutical companies we generally start with a comprehensive online analysis of certain diseases and its treatments and/or medicines. This research gives us insight into, among other things, the search volume for relevant search terms, sources, the organic position the website has for certain search terms, competition and what social media offers as relevant pursuits for your brand, product or organization. From this analysis conclusions are drawn that are of great value to the final strategy and the recommendations we present.

The components of an online strategy

To follow are the online marketing services of our clients’ online strategies.

Content marketing

An important part of the online strategy is the recommendation and method that pertains to content marketing. We discuss extensively what types of content are to be used and through what channels. It is important that the favored channels are an equal match and strengthen one another. Part of our research is using a social media monitoring tool. Through this we identify the channels that might possibly work well. The tone-of-voice and frequency will be illustrated and the content themes will be described. Content marketing is in the online strategies of our clients indispensable and often takes the lead in our advice.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is the method that makes a strong online presence of webpages happen in search engines. This process can be subdivided into two categories: Search Engine Optimization (SEO); ensures a strong organic presence in search engines, and Search Engine Advertising (SEA); the paid ads that appear above and below search results. In most online strategies search engine marketing is a regular feature. It is also possible to have a seperate search engine marketing strategy developed by our SEO and SEA experts.

Social media marketing

During this online age social media is the way to get in contact with the target group. Medical Digitals specializes in managing lively communities and sharing relevant content that generates interaction. Social media marketing can, if needed or demanded by the online analysis, be added as a seperate chapter to the online strategy. This includes relevant social channels, content themes and a visual social style.

Web- & app-development

Medical Digitals develops, among others, corporate websites, medical websites for patients, medical websites for healthcare professionals and webshops. These are at all times user friendly and responsive for desktop, mobile and tablet. An online strategy where multiple disciplines are involved, a website, app or platform is often fundamental. This is in the end the platform where content is shared and is connected to your social channels. Web- & app-development is therefore an important part of the online strategy.

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