Online monitoring and analytics

Online monitoring and analytics reveal useful information on the online status of your brand, product or organization

By monitoring what is shared online on your brand, product or organization, you can map opportunities and threats and respond accordingly. Information on clients and competitors can be highly valuable.

Social media monitoring

A monitoring method that gives us a lot of relevant information, is social media monitoring. With the aid of a special tool our analysts deliver clear reports including information on what is shared on forums, blogs, news websites and social media channels on a specific subject. This data can be useful to shape a new strategy or adjust an existing strategy.


The monitoring of the behaviour of visitors on your website can tell us a lot on bottlenecks and the need for information of your target group. From example from what page the visitor has entered the website, how long they stay on the website and the pages they leave from. We map this in a coherent manner and deliver clear analytics-reports. These may be Google Analytics-reports, or reports on other analytics-programs. Adjustments on the basis of this data can ensure better conversions on your website.

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