Online advertising

Reach a specific target group directly through online advertising

To make sure that a brand, organization or product is visible to a specific target group, deploying online advertising can be effective. There are different ways to do this, dependent on the goals and target group. It is possible to advertise on Google or on relevant websites, but also on social media.

Social advertising

Advertising on social media ensures more engagement with the target group and adds to more website traffic or the success of the launch of a product. Because it is possible to target in a highly specific way through social advertising, the website traffic it creates is extra valuable. The results are monitored daily and the ads are optimized on the basis of these results.

Advertising in Google

You can advertise in different ways within Google. For our medical clients we do a lot of Search- and Display-advertising. We are Google Partner. Through Search-advertising the ad appears above the search results within Google. Display-advertising makes sure that the ads (think of banners) appear on websites related to the relevant search terms. A combination of the two can be very effective.

Native advertising

Native advertising is another way to advertise online. We have a separate service page for this, where we share more on this marketing technique.

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