Native advertising

Reach your target group in a fast and effective manner through relevant external channels

Besides your website and social channels, you can also reach your target group through relevant external websites or blogs. Seeing that the patient and the HCP use search engines like Google often, they can pick from a lot of different informative websites. By having a strong online presence with the information that the target group needs, the patient and the HCP gain through several touchpoints recognition with your brand, product or treatment. This we call native advertising: publishing relevant content on external websites or platforms to get your product or treatment to the attention of the target group.

How to get in touch with relevant external parties?

Medical Digitals has a network of diverse medical, online platforms. We will look for the (medical) platforms and websites that contain your target group and we take care of the whole process of project management. We develop and publish content, tend to the contact with these parties and naturally publish nothing without an agreement. This way we make sure that the product or organization is well represented online.

Influencer marketing

An efficient way to create online visibility of your product, brand or treatment, is influencer marketing: the deployment of prominent influencers with large communities on social media and/or blogs. These key figures are seen by their followers as a reliable source of information. People are more easily tempted to believe in something, visit a place or buy your product if they come in contact with it through what they see as an authoritative individual. The opinion of a valued blogger or someone on Twitter is therefore of higher value than an online ad. This makes that influencer marketing is a valuable way to generate awareness online for (the disease) that is affiliated with your brand or product.

Medical Digitals has a large, international network of influencers. We are able, through blogs, Twitter and YouTube, to get your product or website to the attention of the target audience in a fast and effective manner.

Specific regulations

Medical Digitals is well aware of the rules and regulations that pertain to the pharmaceutical sector and will conform the native advertising- and influencer marketing campaigns to these regulations. If needed, we cooperate with the ‘Stichting Openlijke Aanprijzing Geneesmiddelen (KOAG)’ and the ‘Stichting Aanprijzing Gezondheidsproducten (KAG).’

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