Content marketing

Our content marketers are experienced in developing content tailor-made to the medical-, healthcare- and pharmaceutical industry

Content marketing is creating and sharing content that is valuable to your target group. This content aims to connect your target group to your brand, product or service. Think of content for your website, blog, e-mailings and social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Through different content themes and content channels, we make sure that we reach the entirety of the target group in the most effective manner.

Online strategy as the foundation of success

To deploy content marketing effectively, a solid online strategy should be developed. This means informing the target group in the best way possible, but also creating the right results in search engines for the most important keywords. When we devise a strategy we take into account the target group (patients/HCP’s), goals and the rules and regulations that pertain to the medical-, healthcare- and pharmaceutical industry.

Efficient textual content

We develop several kinds of textual content, for example: blogs, whitepapers (e-books), interviews, social posts, website texts and e-newsletters. For textual content we start out with defining interesting content themes. We do this through target group research and keyword analysis. Content is developed by highly able writers with a marketing- or medical background. Their background is dependent on the goal that has to be achieved.

Tailor-made visual content

Visual content is at least as important as textual content. The content marketers of Medical Digitals produce different kinds of visual content, in line with the goals, channel and means. Think of: photos, custom-designed visuals, infographics, videos, explanimations and animations.

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