Google Partner

Medical Digitals is your Google AdWords Certified Partner

As a Google AdWords Certified Partner Medical Digitals is certified by Google to set up ROI driven Google Adwords campaigns. Our AdWords-specialists know like no other how to achieve the best results with the budget that is available.

What is the benefit of a certified Google AdWords-agency?

As a partner of Google we know how to set up comprehensive online advertising campaigns, monitor them and adjust them. We are the first to receive fresh updates on the products Google offers and are informed of the latest news. This means our clients receive the following benefits:

• We are in direct contact with Google and have our own contact that supports us with market information, market reports, optimizing campaign plans and help with problems.
• Years of experience in several markets.
• A lot of information on search behaviour, search volume, regional dispersion and demographic factors of Google users. This information gives our specialists the chance to optimize the campaigns in a way that a better return on investment is achieved and we are able to advertise in a way that is just more effective than other advertisers.
• Tips and advice on specific Adwords accounts that can not easily be deduced from standard reports.
• Profound and fast support to solve Adwords related issues.
• Always aware of the latest developments and trends. Not unimportant are so-called bèta’s. Hereby we can offer new functionalities, that Google has not unrolled publicly yet, to our clients.

Outsource AdWords to Medical Digitals?

Through advertisements in Google you appear instantly at the top in the search engine results page and generate a lot of traffic to the website. Our specialists have years of experience in setting up effective Google AdWords-campaigns for the medical-, healthcare- and pharmaceutical industry. Medical Digitals manages the campaigns and aims to get the most out of the budget available. Maintaining an AdWords-campaign takes a lot of time and specific knowledge. Our SEA-specialists understand this and are in full control of everything that is related to the advertising campaigns. In conjunction with you we set realistic goals and send out a clear report with results that we have achieved on a monthly basis.

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